Careful!! Is that the right gemstone you are wearing?

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and in astrology it can be very dangerous. Today many callous astrologist with half-baked knowledge suggest gemstone which cause more ill effect than benefits.Right Gemstone for you

At shubh gems, we have a dedicated team of gemologists and astrology whit very carefully chose the right gemstone for you on a very scientific basis. For instance, very conveniently many suggest wearing a hessonite/ Gomed during rahu mahadasha without checking whether the planet is malefic or benefit for the native.

If malefic it can cause many ill effect to the wearer. So if you are wearing the gemstone of benefit planet in your horoscope it can even take you form rays to riches bust a stone of malefic plant will only can cause you harm.

Shubh Gems brigs to you natural, direct form mine lab certified gems which are energized to enhance it’s positively and can also be set in your choice of customized jewellery. Visit us at to find wonder gem for good luck awaits you


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