Tips: How to Buy Natural Ruby (Manik) Gemstone Online | Shubh Gems

The Ruby Gemstone is a precious stone that belongs to the corundum family and it’s considered as one of the most valuable Gemstones. In Colored Gemstones, Ruby, emerald, Sapphire and Diamond are believed to be important gemstones while all the other Gemstones are categorized as Semi-Precious Gemstones.How to Buy Ruby gemstone online

Ruby Astrology and Gemstone

According to Vedic Astrology, Natural Ruby is a gemstone that represents the positive forces of sun, the source of infinite energy. If suitable for the wearer  Ruby grants one with wealth, royal favor, lands and respect.

Tips to Buy Ruby Gemstone Online in India

  • When you buy Ruby Gemstone online always make sure you are clear about treatments particularly if you are purchasing Ruby for Astrological purposes and in this case, Ruby should be untreated and natural. Heat treatment in ruby Gemstone is quite common and widespread so it is important to buy Ruby stone certified by an authorized lab. The certificate accompanying it should clearly declare that there’s been no treatment or enhancement of the Gemstone.
  • When you buy Ruby Gemstone online in India please be careful of the ruby  color shade. Even a slight difference of color can bring a notable difference of 100’s to 1000’s of US dollars. For example, an average purplish red hue will be  inexpensive as compared to strong purplish red or Imperial Pigeon Blood red. If the color has been explained by a qualified Gemologist there is certainly nothing to worry about.
  • When you buy Ruby Gemstone online make certain to check if there is any video recording that provides you a 3D experience which is better than a photo that restricts one to 2D.  HD videos provide a more realistic and close to reality view as  Ruby Gemstone is magnified by 4X or 6X and revolved to provide a complete 360 degrees view.
  • Be cautious of misnomers such as Bala’s Ruby, Adelaide Ruby and new Burmese Ruby etc when you buy Ruby Gemstone online in India. They might be poor quality common Rubies that are worthless for Astrology or for investment.
  • When you buy Ruby Gemstone online make an effort to reach a business or a Merchant which has a good range where you can compare prices of a number of Gemstone. It is very important to compare prices because the costs of Ruby (during writing this post) are increasing like never before- a pattern that people have discovered for days gone by 3 years whatever the financial conditions internationally.
  • A Seller that has facilities for a grid view is excellent when buying precious gemstone online. The grid view offers you a far greater chance to compare color and quality of several gemstones at the same time when compared with the list view
  • When you buy Ruby online in India ensure that owner has a clearly explained return and refund policy.

A Seller with third party reviews is a best source because you get independent examination of owner without the prejudice. Also ensure that the website is certified computer virus safe and gets the highest amount of security conformity that means that your credit or debit card data can’t ever be misused

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