Amethyst Stone – Healing & Astrological Benefits

Amethyst stone is a crystal of higher energies used for years and years in religious and healing work. Crystals which may have been popular and well known for a long time can often be forgotten  in the seek out another new thing. Amethyst is one natural stone that transcends time and brings religious awareness to virtually any age. This mystical crystal is with us at this moment in history due to its radiance and determination to be of service.Buy amethyst stone in south delhi

The violet vibration held by amethyst stone is an extremely high religious energy, well-suited for experiencing the beginning of the Divine that is in us all. I am presently deploying it to grid the area when I do ceremonial work. Within the grid, I place 3 amethysts (they could be any size) in each corner of the area. This creates a power field which allows people coming for the ceremony  to realize to their own radiance, and to feel the sacred energy after entering the room immediately. For individuals who perceive energy more visually, a lively pyramid of violet light might be noticeable. Buy amethyst stone online.

Amethyst stone creates a power that is beyond duality, where Heart can tap in, where it is not hard to connect to the one main Heart and soul that beats in every of us. On a one-to-one basis, it is used for spiritual healing. Many people desire for a link with their own spirit and their Source. I find that an amethyst stone put at the head, or kept in the left hand of a customer while experiencing reiki, shamanic journeying, sound or color healing can deepen the experience of healing.

Other ways to experience the benefits of this crystal are: by using it in rings; by keeping it in your palm during meditation; by placing an amethyst stone on your altar of spiritual offerings; or by putting it near your bed to bring spiritual healing through dreams.

Amethyst cathedrals or geodes are a lovely addition to any room. They are able to bring an atmosphere of peace and well-being to the area which will be noticed by all who enter, even those who may not be familiar with the vitality of the stone.

If want to buy  a stone to connect  to your soul, go for this vintage favourite – amethyst stone.

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