Interesting Information about the Ruby Gemstone

Ruby is an expensive gemstone found in different hues of colorless, pink red to the dark red. Ruby is a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminium oxide) the red color of the stone is due to the presence of the chromium element. Its name comes from the Latin phrase ruber- means red.

The factors that determine its quality are color, clarity and cut and weight of the ruby stone in the carat. The blood red color ruby is more expensive than the rubies of the similar quality also called “Pigeon Blood Ruby” or “Burmese Ruby“.

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Physical properties-

Ruby is a precious stone of mineral family corundum (aluminium oxide- Al2O3) found mainly in profound red colorization. Its hardness on Mohs size is 9 that can come second after gemstone. The hardness of the gemstone is the capability to scuff the other stone. Harder stones are stronger. It has a hexagonal crystal system. Its refractive index is (1.76- 1.77) whereas its specific gravity is (3.9- 4.1). It comes in transparent to opaque, having luster vitreous to adamantine. Before you Buy ruby gemstone online India, get a certification survey along with these factors stated in it.

Natural occurrence-

The mines of Myanmar (Burma) are acknowledged to produce the best possible quality of ruby on earth fro the centuries. The very best color of ruby out of this region is referred to as the pigeon blood red rubies also. Rubies are being mined in Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, India, Afghanistan, Australia, Japan, Scotland, Brazil Namibia, Pakistan and Colombia. In Sri-Lanka lighter shade of rubies is available commonly.

Others big sources of ruby Tanzania also, Vietnam, Nepal, Madagascar, Tajikistan and pakistan. Georgia, Montana, NEW YORK and SC will be the countries of USA produce this gemstone.

The Republic of Macedonia is really the only country in European countries to acquire natural deposits.

Factors impacting value of the valuable gemstone-

The primary factors affecting the worthiness of the rubies are their slice, color, weight and clarity in the carat. The scale and geographic origin of the rubies also affect their value in the global market of the gemstone.

The colour has three main components; hue, saturation, and firmness. The principal hue is red, whereas orange, purple, red and violet are their extra hues. Snooze hues of the corundum family are called sapphire. The attractive medium-dark red firmness of rubies is recognized as the finest. Keeping these items can enable you to buy ruby natural stone online India.

Treatments to increase the quality of the gemstone-

Gemstones are cured with various solutions to improve their quality. The primary routines used to increase the quality of ruby are- color alteration, increasing the transparency by rutile inclusions, filling of breaks etc. Request of heat is the most frequent treatment of rubies to get better color, remove purple tinge, blue patches and silk.


In Vedic astrology, ruby is the local planet of sunlight that is regarded as the master of all planets. Sunlight is known because of its vitality, magnificence and illuminating the complete solar system using its light. A gemstone gets the peculiarities of its indigenous globe. Ruby is recognized as the king of most gems spreading the vibrant light of glory, success and prosperity to one’s life. Those people who have a malefic keeping Sunlight in their horoscope can purchase ruby stone online India.


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