Benefits of Wearing Cat’s Stone | How to buy Cats Eye (lehsuniya) Stone Online

Cat’s eye stone is a stone with a linear light sheen across its length. This phenomenon is very peculiar and the moment we see a stone with such effect, we call it cats eye stone. This optical phenomenon is possible due to structural arrangement of atoms in the crystal. There are several crystals which can exhibit this cat’s eye phenomenon. Therefore, cat’s eye is actually name of an optical pattern and not the stone. Any stone that displays cats eye phenomenon is called cats eye stone. If cat’s eye pattern is formed in quartz stone, it is called quartz cat’s eye. If the phenomenon is seen in chrysoberyl stone, it is called chrysoberyl quartz eye. There is apatite cat’s eye stone also. Cat’s eye might not be visually appealing to many, but still it is a very popular stone. One reason is that although the stone does not have a very fancy color or shapes available, still it encloses an enigma due to a peculiar light pattern in it. The stone embodies a part of light in itself, and this portion of light moves as the stone moves. Such rare optical phenomenon gives a personality to the stone. Secondly, since lesser people love it, therefore it is not a common stone. Cat’s eye stone brings exclusivity with itself. Third and most important reason for its popularity is its astrological significance. Cat’s eye stone is worn to appease ketu, a powerful planet in Vedic astrology. In astrology, this stone is referred to as ‘lehsuniya’. It is also called ‘billaur’, ‘billor’ or ‘billauri’ stone, derived from the Hindi name for cats. Chrysoberyl cat’s eye is considered most premium cat’s eye and has a special name- ‘kanak-khetlehsuniya’. Those running the mahadasha of ketu should wear the stone for appeasing ketu and reaping the benefits during ketumahasdasha. The planets friendly to ketuare Saturn (shani), rahu, mercury (Buddha) and Venus (shukra). Therefore cats eye stone makes great combination with blue sapphire (neelam), hessonite garnet (gomed), emerald (panna), diamond (heera), opal, natural zircon or white sapphire (safedpukhraj). For more information about how to wear cats eye stone, day for wearing stone, procedure for wearing stone etc, visit our website or call 8010-555-111 for assistance. Shubh gems specialize in fine quality cats eye stones, pendants and rings.


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