What are the Benefits & Steps of wearing Yellow Sapphire Stone?

Gemstones have been popular to remove difficulty in from people’s life. Among the superior and durable gemstones is the yellow sapphire. This stone also called Pukhraj is the main one of the toughest gemstones after the diamond. The yellow sapphire may enhance all aspect of someone’s life.

What exactly are the benefits associated with wearing a yellow sapphire?

The yellow sapphire is one of the very most popular and effective stone on the list of Navratna. The Pukhraj reduces negativity of each kind from the wearer’s life and assists in attaining popularity, all the best and success in life.

The yellow sapphire is in charge to procure eternal success and solid finances along with satisfying professional accomplishments. The family name and strong hold will continue steadily to reign on using the pukhraj stone.

In fact, committed women should wear a yellow sapphire to fortify their marital tie and revel in pleasure galore in their relationships. The woman adorns a pukhraj to make sure success and fortune for her spouse too.

Remove all difficulties on the path of good luck and goodness with the yellow sapphire. The pukhraj bestows the wearer with fuller and resilient relations, deep information and knowledge, preciseness, materials gains and encouraged brain power.

What’s the best coloring of a yellow sapphire?

The yellow sapphire is also called the Pushparagam or Peetmani. The gemstone can be wear in various tones of yellow.

But gemologists recommend a blend of lotus red and sunset yellow to attain spirituality and revel in life unconditionally.

What exactly are the points to bear in mind while using a yellow sapphire?

Gemstones offer you benefits amazing but should be worn carefully.

  • Wear a yellow sapphire only after consulting with a gemologist. Just examining the astrological graph can result in myths. Gemstones have power which should be utilized for the right person.
  • The yellow sapphire stone should be purchased when it’s the Pushya, Vishakha, Punarvasu or Purva Bhadrapad constellation. It ought to be bought over a Thursday through the Shukla Paksha.
  • The pukhraj should be wear in gold only and the weight shouldn’t be below 1.5 rattikas.
  • The yellow sapphire gemstone ring should be worn morning hours.
  • The pukhraj should be placed immersed in cow’s dairy (uncooked) and then cleaned with Ganga or normal water placed in copper container overnight. Keep carefully the ring on the yellow towel. The yellow material must have a Jupiter yantra drawn with roli.
  • The wearer should remain facing East, North or North east over a yellow coloring asana. Then offer blossoms and incense to the pukhraj and recite the recommended mantra 108 times and check out wear it.

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