Find out Which Gemstone you Should Wear

Gemstones are like a sword that should be worn only after proper analyzing, otherwise they also have negative effects in place of positive effect. Before wearing a gemstone, knowledge of the condition of the planet is necessary. It is also necessary to know the result of the other stones.

Jupiter and Its Gemstone Yellow Sapphire – Pukhraj

Jupiter is the master of the planets. yellow color is a favorite of Jupiter. Its stone yellow sapphire and yellow aura. In the person’s horoscope, if the Jupiter is in a strong position, the effect of the Jupiter increases the auspicious effect. By weaning this stone, the power of Jupiter will increase.

Venus and Its Gemstone Diamond – Heera

Venus is the lord of love, beauty, melody, singing and humor in the planets. This gemstone of this planet is a diamond. Both of the astrology and Gemology have the belief that if Venus is the master of auspicious expression in the horoscope then having a diamond increases the positive effect of Venus.
According to the science of stone, it is a very miraculous gem. This gem should be kept only after testing. Blue Sapphire (Neelam) should be held in that position whereas Saturn is sitting in right position in the horoscope. Taking blue sapphire on the inauspicious Sani does not yield positive results.

Saturn and Its Gemstone Blue Sapphire – Neelam

Saturn is the place of magistrates and judges in the planets. This person gives the benefits according to their deeds. Due to slow motion of this planet being dim, their effect is long. In its period, this planet gives the person a reward according to deeds. The pain of this planet is very painful. If this planet is the strong and right position, then every difficulty in life becomes easy. of life gets done. Blue sapphire is a stone of this planet.

Rahu and Its Gemstone Hessonite- Gomedh

Rahu is not recognized as a visible planet. It is present in the form of a shadow planet in the planetary system. Rahu is going to destroy the work done. There is a barrier in the path of progress & gives health related problems. The stone of this planet is Gomad. It is also known as Gomedak. This is the color of the fumes. If Rahu position in the birth chart in the first, fourth, fifth, ninth or tenth house then by wearing Hessonite stone, the auspicious effect increases and Rahu gives good results. Hessonite stone should not be worn with Coral, ruby, pearl & yellow Sapphire If Rahu is in second, seventh, eighth position in the birth chart.

Rahu and Its Gemstone Cat’s Eye Stone – Lahasunia

Ketu is a shadow planet similar to Rahu and the rumor of Rahu is a cruel and natural sin planet. Ketu does not result in inauspicious consequences while being a sinful planet in some quarters and in planets. If this planet is in an auspicious sense in the horoscope then holding a gemstone of the planet gets health benefits, work gets success, money is received. You are protected by a mysterious power. The gems stone of Ketu is Cat’s Eye. Do not wear pearls, rubies, coral or yellow sapphire with Cat’s Eye Stone.

The fact of the fact is that wearing gems at that time is particularly beneficial when the condition of the related planet is write.

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