Gemstone Weight Calculations

Worldwide the standard unit used for weighing diamonds and gemstones is metric carat. It takes its name from the carob seeds, these seeds have a fairly uniform size and were used by early gem traders as counterweights in their balance scales. The modern metric carat was adopted by the internationally in 1913 and today a … Continue reading Gemstone Weight Calculations


Interesting Information about the Ruby Gemstone

Ruby is an expensive gemstone found in different hues of colorless, pink red to the dark red. Ruby is a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminium oxide) the red color of the stone is due to the presence of the chromium element. Its name comes from the Latin phrase ruber- means red. The factors that determine its … Continue reading Interesting Information about the Ruby Gemstone

How to Buy Astrological Gemstone

Dealing in precious stones like Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire), Panna (Emerald), Manik (Ruby), Neelam (Blue Sapphire), Gomedh (Hassonite) or sapphires is always a Process especially if you do not have the detailed information about the same. There are always many fraudsters trying to cheat you out of your money in different ways. This is why you … Continue reading How to Buy Astrological Gemstone

Best Online Astrologer in South Delhi

At current times, online astrology is very common and real astrologers are behind almost all of the astrology software and websites. The Indian astrology online is at easy reach if you have internet and computer. Here you can access to the forecasting in a thorough way and predicated on the ancient principle of scientific Indian Astrology. … Continue reading Best Online Astrologer in South Delhi

Astrology In Modern Time

People in this modern time are still crazy for astrology much like peoples in the early times. For the reason that astrology bring a lot of entertainment, amusement, diversion and fun. Using the latest innovation on technological advancement, astrological reading has reached skyward. Astrological and zodiacal readings and horoscope have previously gone into cyberspace serving … Continue reading Astrology In Modern Time

Amethyst Stone – Healing & Astrological Benefits

Amethyst stone is a crystal of higher energies used for years and years in religious and healing work. Crystals which may have been popular and well known for a long time can often be forgotten  in the seek out another new thing. Amethyst is one natural stone that transcends time and brings religious awareness to … Continue reading Amethyst Stone – Healing & Astrological Benefits