Benefits of Wearing Emerald Stone

From the all gemstones which are located in the crust of the earth, Emeralds are one of the very most beautiful and costliest ones. These renewable colored Stones are one of the four important gemstones and are recognized for their mesmeric allure. Similar to the green color displays serenity, serenity and character; these Emeralds mirror … Continue reading Benefits of Wearing Emerald Stone


Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone Facts

Yellow sapphire is the gemstone of the largest planet, Jupiter in any other case called Expert or Educator, which is linked with interpersonal relationships. This is actually the planet linked with shrewdness, good luck and wellbeing. Wearing this specific and certified yellow sapphire gemstone can hence pacify this important planet and improve the personal satisfaction … Continue reading Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Stone Facts

Benefits of Wearing Cat’s Stone | How to buy Cats Eye (lehsuniya) Stone Online

Cat’s eye stone is a stone with a linear light sheen across its length. This phenomenon is very peculiar and the moment we see a stone with such effect, we call it cats eye stone. This optical phenomenon is possible due to structural arrangement of atoms in the crystal. There are several crystals which can … Continue reading Benefits of Wearing Cat’s Stone | How to buy Cats Eye (lehsuniya) Stone Online

Interesting Information about the Ruby Gemstone

Ruby is an expensive gemstone found in different hues of colorless, pink red to the dark red. Ruby is a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminium oxide) the red color of the stone is due to the presence of the chromium element. Its name comes from the Latin phrase ruber- means red. The factors that determine its … Continue reading Interesting Information about the Ruby Gemstone

How to Buy Astrological Gemstone

Dealing in precious stones like Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire), Panna (Emerald), Manik (Ruby), Neelam (Blue Sapphire), Gomedh (Hassonite) or sapphires is always a Process especially if you do not have the detailed information about the same. There are always many fraudsters trying to cheat you out of your money in different ways. This is why you … Continue reading How to Buy Astrological Gemstone